Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Accordion Reed Blocks and Reeds, A Revelation

I have sold around 30 accordions or so to date. I thought I understood things like how to count the number of reed blocks on the Treble and Bass Side of the Accordion. I just recently listed a small accordion on ebay, which had 3 reed blocks on the treble side, I counted them. I listed it as a 3 reed accordion, only to find out it is actually a 2 reed accordion. Yeah, 2 reed blocks. Here's the reasoning according to the helpful ebayer who pointed this out. Even though there were 3 blocks installed on the treble side, there were only 82 reeds. This is a 41 piano key accordion so functionally, there were two reeds for each key, or two reed blocks. I noticed after looking more closely that the middle reed block had a lot of empty spots on it. Thank You to the helpful ebay user for pointing this out. See the photo and look for yourself.

I hope to upload some photos of other accordions I have worked on, and would love to hear from you about your interests.

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  1. Tony, love the picture of you and your accordian!